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An artificial intelligence overview for brand activation ideas

Today we're going to share with you a few strange and experimental ideas that only became possible in the last few years. A number of AI platforms now exist that allow you to do some very interesting and unusual things with text and images.

Using the right mechanic, these platforms can be integrated into digital activations to generate something that's not only unique, but extremely memorable. Even though it's still in its infancy, AI has the power to leave a lasting impression through its quirkiness.

There are limitless ideas on offer here. Let's break them down into a few categories.

Text & stories

A number of incredible “natural language processing” platforms have emerged over the last few years, allowing you to both generate and request all sorts of text-based content in wild and uncanny ways.

Some ideas:

  • A personalized story generator. Ask the customer to pick a number of nouns and adjectives and have the AI generate a unique, prompted story surrounding the event you are promoting. These words can be off the top of the customer's head, selected from a list, or drawn from a hat.
  • A quirky resume generator. For a recruitment brand, you could ask a person some fun questions about themselves and leave it to the AI to generate the opening line or paragraph for their resume
  • A unique horoscope. Ask the person's date of birth and have the AI generate a unique horoscope just for them.
  • An custom questionnaire. Ask the AI to generate 10 questions around the theme of your event and have the customer attempt to answer them. You could personalize the AI, give it a name, or make it a character in your event.

Art and photography

There are several popular AI platforms that can generate convincing and impressive art or sketches from text prompts. They can also edit existing images in fascinating ways.

With the right constraints and prompts, these can be used alongside digital activations to create mind-boggling experiences for users.

Some ideas:

  • Create a one-off painting from a user prompt. Ask the customer a number of questions and use AI to generate a custom painting just for them that they can download, print, or share.
  • Create a sketch from a profile picture. Create an AI-generated sketch from a person's social media profile.
  • Branded background replacement. Take a photo a customer (or allow them to upload one) and use AI to perform a branded background replacement.
  • Create your own logo. Help users create their own personalized logos based on prompts.


Alongside text and art, there are also some interesting platforms that allow you to generate realistic voice from text.

  • Create your own funny ad. Let customers create their own personalised ad for a product or brand by allowing them to customise a pre-defined script.
  • Create a dramatic movie promo. Allow people to write their own action movie script and have it read by a dramatic AI.
  • Create your own podcast intro. Use AI to allow customers to generate their own podcast intro by giving them a script to work from.

These ideas definitely require some careful brainstorming and constraints, but there is a lot of untapped potential here for creating very unique digital activations.

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