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Pot Noodle spin-to-win giveaway

Pot Noodle spin-to-win giveaway

The National Ploughing Championship 2023 was home to a cleverly crafted "spin to win" game, designed by Verve Live Agency for Pot Noodle enthusiasts. Participants were drawn to the interactive experience where a simple press of a vibrant yellow button triggered a digital spin. Those lucky enough to match three identical flavours won themselves a tasty Pot Noodle along with some stylish branded merchandise.

I collaborated with the Verve team to develop this digital brand activation. The goal was to emulate the nostalgic fruit machine experience, complete with a tactile arcade button for that authentic feel. Importantly, the activation operated independently of Wi-Fi, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

We took care to produce spinning animations that were smooth and engaging, aiming for a level of realism that was both enjoyable and visually appealing. The system was also designed to keep track of the inventory, ensuring every win was rewarded on the spot and managing stock efficiently to prevent any waste at the end of the event.

The result was a successful blend of traditional gaming with modern technology, leaving participants with a memorable brand interaction and a positive impression of Pot Noodle.

Try the demo

Want to try it out? Click the button below to launch a demo of the spin-to-win game. All you have to do is hit Spacebar to start the spinner. Get 3 matches and you win! Sadly, I've no delicious Pot Noodles to give away.


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