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A technology partner for ambitious experiential marketing teams.

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Hi, I'm Timmy

The event tech expert

I work with creative experiential marketing teams to deliver award-worthy digital brand activations and event technology experiences for world famous brands.

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Expand your offering

Enrich your pitch

Tired of offering the same-old-same-old in every pitch? With client expectations at an all time high you can't afford to fall behind. Inject some cutting-edge experiential tech ideas into your next client conversation.
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Increase ROI

Deliver more, for less

Are your clients looking for higher returns with smaller budgets? Smart use of event tech and digital brand activations can deliver out-sized results, squeezing every last drop from any budget.
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Fill The Gaps

Get top tech talent - on tap.

Struggling to find reliable & cost-effective tech experts? With rising costs and wages it can be tricky to find trustworthy technology partners. Choose an agile and affordable alternative to eye-watering estimates from bloated vendors.
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It's time to level-up. Start delivering measurable results for your clients with data-driven digital brand activations and event-tech experiences.

Drop-in ideas

Looking for easy wins?

Here are some tried-and-tested brand activations and creative event tech ideas that are ready to be dropped into your next pitch.
  • GenAI Experiences

    GenAI Experiences

    Let customers create exciting, brand-safe personalised content with clever use of GenAI.

    •  Unlimited ideas and applications.
    •  High impact with outstanding results.
    •  Guardrails for safe content generation.
  • Video & Photo Booths

    Video & Photo Booths

    Give customers a lasting memory of your event with photo/video booths.

    •  Bitesized & shareable, ideal for socials.
    •  Include face filters and AR objects.
    •  Use GenAI for personalised output.
  • Branded Arcade Games

    Branded Arcade Games

    Add branded, easy-to-play icebreakers to any experiential event.

    •  Ideal for in-store & on-street activations.
    •  Leaderboard for friendly competition.
    •  Can include physical buttons & controls.
  • Physical Challenges

    Physical Challenges

    Get blood pumping with healthy, activity-based physical challenges.

    •  Perfect at sporting events and festivals.
    •  Creates great shareable video content.
    •  Adds a friendly competitive edge.
  • Live Polls & Surveys

    Live Polls & Surveys

    Find fan favourites with real-time live polls that can run online or in-person.

    •  Ideal for OOH screens & advertisements.
    •  Integrates perfectly with socials.
    •  Divides opinion, stoking engagement.
  • Quizzes and Trivia

    Quizzes and Trivia

    Put your money where your mouth is with trivia quizzes & competitions.

    •  Ideal for brand awareness campaigns.
    •  Add buttons for physical fun.
    •  Leaderboard adds spark of competition.
  • Playable OOH Ads

    Playable OOH Ads

    Let passers-by interact and play with out-of-home displays in real-time.

    •  QR codes allow anybody to get involved.
    •  Real-time tech lets users control screen.
    •  Limit control to keep brand integrity.
  • Big Screen Fan-Cams

    Big Screen Fan-Cams

    'Go live' and let attendees stream their support straight to a big screen.

    •  Great for festivals and sporting events.
    •  Content moderated in real-time
    •  Short & shareable, perfect for socials.
  • In-Event Experiences

    In-Event Experiences

    Focus the entire audience on an in-event big screen experience.

    •  Ideal for large sports and music events.
    •  Guaranteed eyeballs on the experience.
    •  Bring crowd together with shared goal.

Ready for experimentation

Bursting with big ideas?

Have you already got a team overflowing with creative ideas, but stuck with slow, sluggish or overpriced vendors?

Why not work with an experienced & agile developer that's primed to get your ideas off the ground in record time.
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Recent projects I've helped deliver

Pot Noodle spin-to-win giveaway

Pot Noodle spin-to-win giveaway

A digital fruit-machine “spin to win” giveaway at the National Ploughing Championship for Pot Noodle, from Verve Live Agency.

  • Product Sampling
  • Spin to Win
  • Arcade Buttons
Heineken BarStar

Heineken BarStar

A loyalty and community platform for Heineken bar staff and brand ambassadors, from Rooftop 22 & Real Nation.

  • Community Building
Coca Cola interactive bottle designer

Coca Cola interactive bottle designer

Create your own bottle design and have it beamed to the big screen behind the DJ box in real-time, designed by Verve Live Agency.

  • Design It Yourself
  • Real Time
  • Live Moderation

Here's some of the nice things my clients have said ...

  • Testimonial portrait image

    Timmy has consistently delivered a number of tricky, creative and technically challenging projects over the years for us.

    John Kilcullen Verve Live Agency

  • Testimonial portrait image

    With Timmy's help we've been able to close larger technical projects that we wouldn't have been comfortable pitching before.

    Cathal O'Reilly Rooftop 22

Tight turnarounds, movings targets and hard deadlines. I understand the challenges of the experiential industry. Here's how we can navigate them.

  • Build Your Big Ideas

    Custom Dev

    Scope out new ideas or get easy-wins off-the-shelf. Custom development is the bread and butter of successful campaigns.

    •  Fixed-prices with clear deadlines and deliverables.
    •  Agile process with short turn-around times.
    •  Flexible features built exactly to spec.
    •  Analytics & reports for insightful client de-briefs.
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  • Get Up to Speed


    Get up to speed on the latest trends in event tech and leave with a portfolio of ideas ready to blow client’s minds.

    •  On-line or in-person, customised for your team.
    •  A deep dive on how to integrate activations.
    •  Ideas and insights on successful past projects.
    •  How to package, pitch and price to impress.
  • Operational Backbone

    Data Platform

    Get access to my back-of-house technology platform custom built specifically for the trials and tribulations of experiential events.

    •  Analytics and data reporting for maximum impact.
    •  Secure and scalable for the biggest events.
    •  Complete data privacy & GDPR compliance.
    •  A branded portfolio platform to wow clients.

So, ready to raise your game?

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Timmy O'Mahony portrait

A bit more about me

Timmy O'Mahony

I've been working with creative marketing agencies for over 8 years, bringing the best bits of the tech industry to the uncertain and fast-paced world of live events and experiential campaigns.

Over that time, I've learned the ins-and-outs of delivering complex technical projects in an ever-changing landscape and I understand that, regardless of requirements, things have to work flawlessley on the big day.

Unlike other larger vendors, I'm responsive and agile, meaning I can move quickly and deliver bigger and better results while getting the most out the budget.

So why not jump on a call to discuss your next big idea?

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Give your experiential agency the edge with creative technology guaranteed to move the dial.