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GenAI Artwork Creator

GenAI Artwork Creator

With so much hype around AI and machine learning, it can be difficult to find concrete AI-related activation ideas that are also brand-safe, easy to use and exciting.

Well today we're doing just that - bringing you a GenAI-powered digital brand activation that you can drop into almost any type of experiential or live event: the AI artwork creator.

A gallery of AI generated images
Real examples of generated images from the above prompts.

In this post, we'll imagine a campaign for a tourism brand in Ireland who are looking to inspire potential customers in-person and online to visit Ireland by letting them create their very own "Irish Artwork Masterpiece".

This artwork will portray Ireland at its best: full of Celtic symbols and ancient themes alongside deep emerald greens and shimmering golds.

How does it work?

To begin with, the user is led through a number of simple prompts. At each step they are asked a question and given a selection of pre-generated options to choose from.

This activation can be running on-site via a touch-screen display. Alternatively it could be run entirely online, letting users from overseas take part.

By limiting the user to these pre-generated prompts, we guarantee high quality and brand-safe results, while still offering enough combinations to create unique images.

Once the user has gone through each prompt and made their selections we use a text-to-image tool like OpenAI's Dall-E or Google's Imagen 2 to generate the result.

Screenshot of the resulting AI generated image for this activation
Each artwork is presented 'hanging on the wall' with a painting title.

Although it sounds simple, the trick here is creating high quality prompts for the GenAI tool. It's important to generate rich, descriptive prompts that tell a story. This takes experimentation and experience but when you get the right phrasing and structure, the results are fantastic.

Give It A Name

As well as generating the artworks themselves from prompts, an extra magic touch is to automatically generate titles for the artworks.

A screenshot of a generated image in a gallery with a title
Let the GenAI automatically name the artwork, or leave it up to the user.

To do this, we can feed the generated image back into the GenAI service in order for it to examine it an give it a name:

  • Whispers of the Druids at Dusk
  • Eternal Melody at the Standing Stone
  • Γ‰ire's Enchanted Twilight

Of course you don't have to rely on AI for this. A fun alternative is to let the user name their own artwork themselves, adding a human touch.

A great spin on this experience is to print the artworks directly to postcards, on-site at the event space. This lets customers leave with a unique, branded memento of the occasion.

A mockup of a postcard featuring the user's custom artwork
Print the customer's artwork as a unique personalised postcard directly from the event.

You don't have to stop at postcards. You could also print t-shirts, posters, cups or whatever other merchandise suits the occaion.

Put It To A Vote

An additional twist on this activation introduces a "live poll" that allows the public to vote on their favourite artwork.

A screenshot of an interface for voting on a users favourite artwork creation
Let the public vote on their favourites via an OOH screen running a live poll.

Using OOH screens, or QR codes via social media, users are driven to a landing page that shows them a shortlist of some of the best creations from the campaign.

From their phone, they can then vote on their favourites and see the results in real-time. When the campaign finishes, reward the winner with a prize πŸ‘‘!


All-in-all the GenAI artwork creator is an ideal activation for any pitch or campaign:

  • ⏳ It's super quick, taking less than a minute to complete, so it suits casual events.
  • πŸ‘† No complicated mechanics meaning you get rich personalised output with only a few taps.
  • 🧘🏻 It's flexible and can be used for many different brands and campaigns by simply changing the prompts.
  • πŸ•š It's ready to go today - no waiting on new future features to be released. Works with existing text-to-image APIs.

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