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Put pedal to the metal with this “reach a goal” cycling challenge

Put pedal to the metal with this “reach a goal” cycling challenge

In the third and final installment of our 3-part mini-series, we're looking at the "reach-a-goal" challenge, a collaborative cycling activation where, instead of facing off against each other, customers are asked to work together to reach a goal.

"Screenshot of bike activation"

In this activation, a physical bike sits at an event location in front of a big screen. A difficult, long-distance goal is set for the campaign:

  • Cycle around Ireland to raise awareness for this charity.
  • Cycle 10,000km to unlock €10,000 for charity.
  • How long does it take to cycle from Dublin to Dubai.
  • For every kilometer of the 500km route, we'll donate €1 to charity.

Over the course of hours, days or weeks, members of the public are asked to jump on the bike and do their part, pedalling for as long as they can to move the dial meter-by-meter toward the final destination. If they rise to the challenge, a collective prize, reward or donation is unlocked.

Why not personalise it?

You can also add some modifiers and personal rewards here:

  • Whoever cycles the longest portion of our 10k challenge wins ...
  • Top 10 cyclists win ...
  • Last over the line wins ...

Alternatively, as people take part, there's also the option to reward them with a keepsake of their contribution. For example, you could use a QR code and camera to give them a video of their portion of the cycle with a personalised message:

Thanks Mary for completing kilometers 285.2 - 288.5 of the 'cycle around Ireland challenge'

This is the perfect activation for non profits, charities and other socially conscious organisations who want a wholesome and collaborative physical challenge at their event.

  • It's Long running. This is an activation you can use over the course of weeks and tie into a social media campaign tracking progress.
  • Collaborative. Unlike our other bike-based activations, the competitive element is stripped-out, broadening the reach.
  • Casual. Customers can jump on for 30 seconds or 5 minutes, it's up to them.
  • Easy to operate. Everyone knows how to cycle so there's little learning curve!
  • Expandable. Although we've shown a single bike, you could add as many as you need. Have 4 people cycling at once!

How does it work?

This activation relies on having a physical bicycle installed on-site. The bike sits on a a “trainer” that allows people to cycle in-place without the bike moving. Connected to the bike is a custom speedometer that can detect when, and how fast, the bike is moving. The speedometer gets connected to a laptop or device running the big-screen visualisation.

On-screen, the activation shows either an overall progress ticker (“3,472km of 10,000km reached”) or a character that slowly moves as the kilometres tick on. As more and more people take part, the goal gets closer.

What sort of events does it suit?

Like our other bike activation ideas, this is a versatile and cheap installation that can be used across a variety of pitches, and can be brought on the road making it portable and re-useable.

  • Healthy living brands. Due to the physical activity it requires, it's perfect for companies and brands that would like to promote health living and movement. This might include food & beverage companies or health insurance and medical brands.
  • Sporting brands & events. Another obvious application for this activation is for sporting brands and events. It can be placed on-site in stadiums and corporate booths on game-day or follow teams around the country during a season.
  • Corporate. Due to the easy setup, this activation can be easily placed on site at a corporate office, allowing employees take part. Why not challenge the office to start the day with a 2 minute cycle?
  • Conferences. This is a great activation to grab peoples' attention at a conference. Set a challenge for the length of the conference and see if attendees can unlock special swag by the end.

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